09 July, 2010

Ee eye ee eye oh

This one is almost unbelievable. My friend Yoel (remember him?) found this down in Ashdod. Lucky me, he thoughtfully stopped to take a photo! What do we think of this, gentle readers?
Since it's got that snake-on-a-staff sign on the side, I have to assume that it's a pharmacy. But actually, it could be a catchy new term for a farm-equipment store. Right? Maybe we're onto a great new idea! Any takers?

Anyway, Yoel is celebrating 17 years of living in Israel this week. Mazal tov! I appreciate that you still notice these things, after having been here so long. And even better, thanks for thinking of me!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Yosefa said...

This week's Jerusalem Post mentioned "Natalie Fortman." An interesting mistranslation of Israeli native actress, Portman.

toby said...

Really? That's amazingly funny - do you have a copy? I would happily post it here :)