03 September, 2009

mm hmm, 100%

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been better about posting, but it's been kind of a crazy hectic week with everyone getting into their post-summer schedules. I have been going through my piles of things to post, though (see last week's entry) and I found this one - sent from our Chicago correspondent - my mom. She spotted this one at her bakery:

Considerate of them to mention, I guess, but isn't some renaming called for? Thanks, Mom!


Rena said...

Maybe they just use a different scale. 100% out of a possible 150% :)

Love it!

Jewish Mommy said...

I do not think that any renaming needs to be done. Notice that the sign says 100% wheat, not 100% whole wheat.
The real question you need to ask is how they managed to make bread out of only wheat and no eggs, water, yeast...

toby said...

Rena - ah, intriguing :)

Aviva - to tell you the truth, my brother also pointed out that the white flour could be considered part of the wheat... but I still think that it's ridiculous enough to post :)