21 November, 2008

Another funny Google pop-up

I'm a big fan of Google - I find it clean and efficient, and a lot of fun to use. I like that you can type "1 cup in tablespoons" and "
1 US cup = 16 US tablespoons" pops up. I like Google Earth. I LOVE Gmail. I like that the Google Guys have spoken to kids in Israeli schools. And mostly, like I said, I like Google because it's just so fast and easy (two words that aren't always complimentary, I know).

Anyway, on the entertainment side, we keep comi
ng across these funny pop-up lists. Remember the one we found here? And so, when my husband was at work the other day, looking for some help with a computer/technical support question, he started to type in "how to," and this popped up:

Now, as I understand it, they're listed in the order of most requested. So overall, these aren't that surprising, I guess. Evidently tying a tie is our most sought after ability. Huh.

The "how to lose friends and alienate people" is really disturbing me, though...


Benjy said...

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People is a movie, actually. Simon Pegg. Good stuff :D

toby said...

yeah, well, good to see that someone's reading out there :)